FAQ | Rolling Ad Service

Q: What’s a mobile billboard?
Take your message directly to the areas you want to draw people from… which means there is no wasted advertising which means dollar for dollar this medium works harder and is more cost-effective than most other mediums. Roughly 80% of consumers are out of their homes during the majority of the day traveling, your business will be right alongside these cars, eye level and we have mobile billboards on all sides to garner every eye!

Q: What’s the benefit of using a LED Billboard Truck?
The benefit of advertising on mobile billboards is that we can take your advertising message to your markets of interest anytime, anywhere. Our professionally carved out service enables us to create pinpoint campaigns that target any city in Florida or new york to further boost your brand’s visibility. By studying the locations where your company is likely to thrive, we tailor our services to ensure that your message is shared in these areas.

Our eye-catching and massive mobile advertising trucks impact your target market better than many traditional methods could. Our fleet of mobile billboards are equipped with GPS tracking technology. We deliver over 50,000 impressions a day.

Q: How many people see my sign?
A: This depends on where the mobile ad truck is. We estimate most of the time that we average over 50,000 – 100,000 impressions per day.

Q: How do mobile billboards compare with other advertising media?
A: Mobile billboards are exceeding today’s demands and expectations. With products like DVR, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and Sirius Satellite Radio™, more people than ever are avoiding commercials. Also, more and more people have less time to read the newspaper. Mobile billboards are more effective than static billboards because we go where they can’t. A moving sign is 5 times more effective than a static sign. You can’t miss our huge mobile billboards as they pass you by. Our unique design creates a curiosity in people’s minds. They wonder what it is as they turn their heads to read the advertisement. It’s a fun and exciting way to promote in New York City and Long Island.

Q: Do you work in New York City at Night?
A: In New York City and Long Island NY we craft routes to suit your needs and seek upwards of 100k impressions a day. Nights and Weekends are available in busy Downtowns like Brooklyn, Soho, or even main st in East Hampton. Call today to book your advertising on trucks campaign – grow your business! 516-512-1605

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Not only is our New York mobile billboard trucks highly effective, but it’s also much more cost-effective than other methods of advertising in New York City. Compared to outdoor billboards in TIMES SQUARE OR SOHO (20-45k per month) our mobile advertising trucks are a fraction of the price and therefore the best solution for your business. Let’s get your business in the game with a FREE QUOTE.